The intention - An Niyya

Sheikh Mohammed Nazim

Our Grand Sheikh Shah Baha'ud-Din Naqshiband said:

"Intention, 'niyyah', is very important. It consists of three letters: 'Nun', which represents le'Nur Allah ', the Light of God;' Ya ', representing' Yad Allah, 'Hand of God, and 'Ha', which représente'Hidayatu'llah 'Allah's guidance. Niyat is the breeze of the soul, which comes from the invisible world, and not the material world. "

best of intentions for all worship:

Grand Sheikh then advised us to say:

  • Nawaitul Arbain (formula I intend to retire in 40 days)

  • Nawaitul I'tikaf (I intend to form a partial retirement)

  • Nawaitul Khalwa (I make the intention of the great retreat)

  • Nawaitul 'uzla (formula I intend to isolation)

  • Nawaitur Riada (I formula for spiritual exercises)

  • Nawaitus Suluk (formula I intend to discipline the way)

  • Nawaitus Siam (I make the intention of fasting) if any

  • lillahi Ta'alal 'Adhim hadhal makan fi

Indeed, Grand Sheikh Abdullah Daghestani Ad said: "whoever does not enter into spiritual retreat during his life has lost it" the most important for the practitioner of this spiritual path is the practice of retirement spiritual. This retreat, the only way to purify you completely, you unify, allows you to find your spiritual stability in you "sitting" in the secret of your heart. In this waiting period of great unrest which will only be protected hearts well hung, it is even more indespensable .... but difficult to achieve. Also, a great mercy, Grand Sheikh has given us the good news of a facility granted in our time: our moments of spiritual practice (prayer, reading the Qur'an, or dhikr suhba) may be deducted and counted as part of this Halva (retired) mandatory 40 days if we formulate the intent with sincerity of heart.

He said this method was a way for ultra-rapid spiritual progress and approach his Sheikh.

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